Amundi Smith Breeden produces a variety of research material on monthly, quarterly, and annual cycles, some of which can include ad hoc research pieces or commentary on current economic or market conditions as they warrant.

Insight Newsletter:

Amundi Smith Breeden believes the appropriate sharing of research insights benefits the entire investment community. To that end, we produce a monthly newsletter, titled Insight. It includes detailed commentary from the firm’s strategists, featuring varying rotating topics, which have included the macro-economy, the yield curve, asset allocation, the MBS market, and the credit market. 

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Fixed Income Minute Newsletter:

John Sprow, Senior Investment Specialist at Amundi Smith Breeden has developed deep investment and research experience over his 30 year career at the firm. In this series he shares brief educational pieces driven by specific client inquiries.

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Latest Research:

Professor Douglas T. Breeden, Duke University, shares his findings and most recent views in an article entitled, "Interest Rate Insurance Prices Implicit in Option Prices".  

"Despite significant tensions and geopolitical risks in Syria and North Korea, Brexit notification and major French election uncertainty, stock markets have held onto their gains pretty well in the past two months. Relatively strong economic growth and lower unemployment in Europe, the UK and the USA, and warmer relationships than expected of President Trump with foreign leaders appears to have offset some uncertainties.  With the geopolitical uncertainties and worries that the USA stimulus might not occur as fast and as much as hoped, interest rates have declined after the post-November rise."

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The Reincarnation of Diversification

Co-authored by Pascal Blanqué, Chief Investment Officer, Amundi Group
"We explore the new environment, and suggest four sources of diversification beyond the traditional asset class approach– risk factors, currency, liquidity and time horizon." 

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