Investment Management Services

Over our 30+ year history, Amundi Smith Breeden has been focused on providing highly customized and responsive service, with an uncommon drive to provide investment solutions that add value to client portfolios and generate alpha.

A complete service for all your needs

Client Service

We work closely with our institutional clients to fully understand their risk and return objectives. You will be supported with a team-based approach to ensure continuity and coverage at all times. We believe in keeping clients informed. Clients receive detailed risk estimates, periodic reports including legal publications and prospectuses, and online access to information about our investment solutions.


Proprietary Research

Research is the foundation upon which we are built and, we believe, is the key to sustaining a competitive advantage in the long run. Amundi Smith Breeden  was one of the first market participants to apply option-adjusted spread technology to the full range of embedded option fixed income products, and we continue to produce new research findings with a goal of benefiting our clients.


Risk Management and Performance Attribution

Our sophisticated analytics system provides an important competitive advantage, allowing us to examine portfolio risk factors with extreme precision – so we can better manage portfolio tracking error and design portfolio strategies that optimize risk and return profiles.