Investment Management Services

Over our 30+ year history, Amundi Smith Breeden has focused on providing investment solutions to add value to client portfolios and generate sustainable alpha. An experienced team of senior fixed income portfolio managers balances the firm’s quantitative findings with qualitative judgment and provides consistency to the investment process. 

Why Amundi Smith Breeden?

Established asset management platform with a history of managing fixed income strategies

7 senior portfolio managers with an average of 26 years of industry experience

Focus on security selection and sector rotation

A complete service for all your needs

Customer Service

Our customer service philosophy is to work closely with clients to understand fully their risk and return objectives. As an institutional client, you will be supported by a dedicated team, consisting of a primary portfolio manager and a client service professional as well as back-up portfolio managers and a client service team who support the primary portfolio manager and client service professional  in their day-to-day activities.  This team-based approach to coverage of client accounts ensures continuity and coverage at all times.


Proprietary Research

Research is the foundation upon which Amundi Smith Breeden was built and is the key, in our opinion, to sustaining the current competitive advantage over the long term.  Amundi Smith Breeden was one of the first market participants to apply option-adjusted spread technology to the full range of embedded option fixed income products, and we continue to produce new research findings, which benefit our clients. We aggressively look for new or improved topics in financial theory that could be incorporated into our research of fixed income securities.  Almost all research is internally-generated, and outside sources like Bloomberg and Bridge/Telerate are used for market information only.

Risk Management and Performance Attribution

Our risk management and performance attribution approach represent an important competitive advantage. We believe that few firms have the ability to examine portfolio factor risks with the precision made possible by our analytic systems. This information is very helpful in managing portfolio tracking error and designing portfolio strategies to optimize risk/return profiles.