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Video Tim Rowe

Tim Rowe, Senior Portfolio Manager, provides information on Amundi Smith Breeden’s areas of expertise and shares the key elements of our investment approach. 

Amundi Smith Breeden, a trusted partner in the USA

Investment expertise at Amundi Smith Breeden is underpinned by stability, strength and depth. Amundi Smith Breeden has been managing multisector fixed income strategies since 1990. Amundi has provided stability through ownership since 2013. The experienced investment team of Senior Fixed Income Portfolio Managers has an average of 26 years of industry experience. This team is part of Amundi’s global fixed income platform and is its center of U.S. fixed income expertise.

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Solution-Oriented investment capabilities

The fixed income spectrum offers multiple sources of alpha:

- Ability to invest in a broad array of fixed income sectors and securities
- Allocations can be customized to meet specific client objectives
- Identification of repeatable opportunities with explicit risk controls

Global Fixed Income, Global High Yield Credit

Investment Grade Core, Investment Grade Credit, Core Plus, Mortgage, U.S. High Yield Credit,
Short Duration, TIPS

Credit Relative Value, Securitized Credit, Multi-Sector Income


Our multi-sector fixed income team has broad market coverage through Sector Specialist Teams.
The Sector Specialist Teams provide sector and security relative value analysis, and recommendations to senior portfolio managers.

Portfolio managers are responsible for tailoring individual client portfolios to incorporate the themes developed by the Investment Committee, taking into account each client's particular return and risk objectives and any investment constraints. Amundi Smith Breeden believes it is important for each portfolio to have one individual portfolio manager with primary responsibility for all decision-making aspects of that portfolio. We believe our approach is more "portfolio manager centric" than other firms, and this structure is intended to avoid the weaknesses of "management by committee".  

Research, Information Management and Risk Management Groups support Portfolio Management:

  • The Research Group develops models to facilitate the macroeconomic analysis, create portfolio management tools and assist with individual security analysis.  
  • The Information Management Department provides quality security data and market data, executes proprietary analytics and publishes risk measures for portfolio management.
  • The Risk Management Department is dedicated and independent from portfolio management.  The Risk officers apply risk controls at the security, portfolio, and firm levels. The Chief Risk Officer has portfolio override authority. 


Figures as of March 31, 2017